Launch Fanta’s new, twisted bottle design in a way that allows Fanta to naturally join teens’ social conversation in eight European markets with different languages.


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Teens communicate in a hyper-visualized way. That's why we introduced a new visual language for all major social platforms, that allows Fanta to spread spontaneous fun in teens’ social conversations, using vibrant GIFs, Emojis, videos and a downloadable font book. All inspired by Fanta’s new brand look and standout, twisted bottle design.


A specially designed Fanta Font to prolong the conversation online.

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Instead of explicitly pushing the product we created a world around it, connecting the bottle to everyday teen fun. As a result, the amount of comments more than doubled, shares grew by 67% and organic reach per post increased with 33%. 

We managed to activate teens to have fun with our content and create awareness for the new bottle at the same time. Making an inactive group, suddenly very active.






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